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Is the exterior of your home being over run by the growth of algae, mold and mildew or is it just plain dirty? If so, you're not alone so don't be discouraged. Cleaning the exterior of a home is a huge chore, especially for someone that doesn't have the proper pressure washer or doesn't know which cleaner is the right one for the job. Other factors include time and physical conditioning. This might sound all too familiar and most likely, it is. Power washing houses may be hard for a DIY enthusiast but the time and effort is very rewarding. Not just in the sense of having a beautiful home that looks years younger, but from the aspect of your properties value, which is greatly increased by power washing a home properly.Power washing houses is a smart investment and does several things other than make a home look beautiful. One of the most important, as mentioned earlier, is increased value of your property. Other things include making a lasting impression on guest, family and even strangers that happen to ride by your home on the way to work. Sure this doesn't put money in the bank, but if you decide to sell your home, the work done and money spent will earn you far more than the power washing cost you. So if time, equipment, knowledge and conditioning are not on your side, get out the easy way by contacting a professional power washing contractor like Clean Source New England to give you free quote or an evaluation of your property in case you have other areas that need to be pressure washed as well. By hiring a pro to handle your house washing chore, you can relax & enjoy your time off work, indoors! Call us or contact us online from one Maine's best pressure washing company.
What you should know about your Home
Keeping the exterior of your house clean is a very important step to reducing repairs and preserving its beauty. Dirt, grime, mold and mildew can severely damage your home's exterior, causing wood rot and premature fading. You can easily prevent this from happening by pressure washing it on a scheduled basis.

There are other reasons for keeping your home's exterior clean, such as the prevention of the spread of mold. What you see on the outside will begin spreading to the inside if left untreated. This situation can cause all sorts of problems including health issues.

But don't worry, if caught in time, it can be completely removed from the outside using professional cleaners and the proper cleaning equipment like a pressure washer. We would like for you to be aware that this is not all that's needed to achieve professional results though. Experience also plays a crucial role in the outcome of any project. For this reason, we recommend you leave to an expert such as Clean Source New England.
Roof Cleaning And Selling Your Home
Thinking of selling your home?
A dirty roof will cost you thousands!
A stained roof covered with Algae, roof moss, causes the potential buyer to make decisions about your ability to care for the home, and assumes that the home has further problems on the interior.
Removing roof mold stains can save you thousands of dollars in your asking price. Home buyers demand dirty roofs be replaced, and that costs thousands and it comes out of the price for your home.
Clean Source New England can save you thousands of dollars by cleaning your roof.
What causes Tiger Striping on gutters?
There are several factors that lead to and cause gutter staining (Tiger Striping) including petroleum-based run-off (roof-shingles), tannic acid from leaves, pollution, acid rain, pollen, and dirt. These all leading to gutter staining.

These harsh contaminants along with certain atmospheric conditions lead to contaminant filled condensation and forms a bond with the gutter surface that allows the inevitable staining and blackening of the gutter face. This condensation that accumulates on the top horizontal edge of the gutter eventually runs down the gutter day after day and in short order begins the staining process.
House washing will increases the value of your house.

If you decide to sell your house at any time, you can always ensure a much better price if you get your house washed just before you put it up for sale. The washing will give your house a fresh clean look and will greatly increase its curb appeal and value.

When your house looks clean and attractive from the outside it will make someone also want to see it from the inside. If the house does not have a clean and appealing exterior it may deter a potential buyer right away without any interest in seeing the interior of your house, which may in fact be very beautiful.

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